What Makes Robusta Coffee Beans Unique And Widely Used?

Robusta is a well-known type of coffee bean variant. In fact, among all the coffee bean variants, this is the one that you can refer to as the most common coffee bean being used in the entire world. However, compared to the rarer coffee bean variants which more people love, the Robusta coffee bean variant has gained a balance of love and hate from coffee drinkers around the world. After all, it is notable that this coffee bean has its advantages and drawbacks which gave it both love and hate among many people.

In this article, you will get to know more details about the Robusta coffee such as the places where this often grow, the benefits and drawbacks of drinking Robusta, and its unique quality that still makes it distinctive among coffee bean variants despite the fact that this is the most common coffee bean being used. Also, you will know something about Robusta coffee bean that will make you think that you might have drank this type of variant many times already in your life without you noticing until now!

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta coffee is one of the two known coffee bean variants in the world, with the one being the Arabica coffee bean, with the latter being superior in all aspects than the former. The species of the coffee bean variant is also called as Coffea Canephora or Coffea Robusta. Take note that despite the superiority of the Arabica coffee bean, Robusta is not a bad type of coffee bean variant at all. The uniqueness of Robusta makes it excellent enough to gain its popularity around the world, and why manufactuers of coffee prefer this more than the Arabica coffee beans, particularly when they are planning to sell more affordable coffee to the public.

Advantages of Robusta

The Robusta coffee bean is known to have advantages that its rival don’t have. Here are the following:

Higher Caffeine Content

For those who want to keep themselves up during the night if there’s a lot of work to do, those who are suffering from a bad hangover, or if you just want to finally wake up your senses during the morning, then Robusta is what you need. Robusta coffee beans contain almost three times the coffee content than Arabica coffee beans, providing everyone the perfect means to wake up indeed. You will surely get heightened senses once you drink a cup of coffee packed with Robusta.

A Better Antioxidant

Even though Arabica coffee beans are known to contain antioxidants, Robusta coffee beans are regarded as the better counterpart when it comes to health benefits. Robusta coffee beans are known to have an extremely high amount of chlorogenic acid than the rest of the coffee bean variants around the world.

The chlorogenic acid plays a huge role to the reason why people refer coffee as an antioxidant, as this acid is the antioxidant itself. The coffee beans once roasted get its chlorogenic acids lowered. But the high levels of the acid present in Robusta ensures that you will still get enough antioxidants compared to other coffee beans, which seem to focus more on providing the rich coffee flavor that most favor.

Excellent For Weight Loss

Robusta coffee beans are also known to be perfect for your weight loss regiment because of the chlorogenic acid present in the coffee beans. If you’re knowledegeable of the green coffee bean, for sure you know well that it is one of the products that are oftentimes manufactured into a weight loss supplements because of the chlorogenic acid content present in them. So if you’re on a diet, and you love coffee, Robusta coffee is just for you.

More Affordable

If there’s anything else that Robusta is superior than Arabica, it’s the fact that it’s more affordable. The reason that Robusta is more affordable is simply because of the less stricter growth conditions needed to grow the coffee bean variant. The Robusta coffee bean plant is known to be more resilient against pests due to its high acidity, and can be grown in areas with lower altitudes and warmer temperatures. This is why manufacturers of the most famous instant coffee brands prefer purchasing Robusta coffee beans than the Arabica coffee beans, which they mostly use for their more expensive products.

If there are any drawbacks when it comes to the Robusta coffee bean, expect that it’s not that many and are not that bad at all. First of all, take note that high levels of caffeine leads to palpitation and other side effects such as nervousness, which seem to be the most common drawback of Robusta. Additionally, it also tastes more bitter and less aromatic than Robusta, compared to the more superior Arabica which provides a richer aroma and will make you feel that you’re really drinking premium quality coffee. Other than these drawbacks, there’s nothing else that’s bad about Robusta after all.

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