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What Is Altura Coffee?

Altura coffee is a type of strictly high grown coffee beans that is known for its high altitude growth and exceptional flavor profile. This type of coffee is grown at elevations of 4,000 feet or higher, which makes it one of the highest grown coffee beans in the world. The high altitude and unique climate conditions in which Altura coffee is grown contribute to its distinctive taste and aroma.

The origins of Altura coffee can be traced back to the late 19th century, when coffee plants were first introduced to the highlands of Central and South America. These early coffee plantations were located in the Andes Mountains, which offer the ideal growing conditions for coffee plants due to their high elevation and cool temperatures.

Today, Altura coffee is grown in a number of countries including Colombia (buy Colombian coffee here), Costa Rica (buy Costa Rican coffee beans here), Ecuador, and Peru (buy Peruvian coffee beans here). Each of these countries has its own unique microclimates that contribute to the flavor profile of the coffee grown there. For example, Colombian Altura coffee is known for its smooth, balanced flavor and rich aroma, while Costa Rican Altura coffee is known for its bright, citrusy taste.

One of the key factors that sets Altura coffee apart from other types of coffee is its slow growth rate. Because it is grown at high altitudes, the coffee plants receive less sunlight and have a longer growing season than those grown at lower elevations. This slow growth process allows the coffee plants to develop a deeper, more complex flavor profile.

Another factor that contributes to the high quality of Altura coffee is the care and attention that goes into its cultivation. Many Altura coffee farmers use sustainable growing practices, such as shade-grown techniques, to protect the environment and ensure the long-term health of their coffee plants. This approach to coffee cultivation also benefits the local communities where Altura coffee is grown, as it helps to preserve the natural habitat and biodiversity of the region.

In terms of flavor, Altura coffee is known for its full-bodied taste and bright, clean finish. It is often described as having notes of chocolate, nuts, and fruit, and is prized by coffee connoisseurs for its complex, well-rounded flavor profile. Because of its high altitude growth and exceptional flavor, Altura coffee is often used as a base for specialty coffee blends.

One of the benefits of drinking Altura coffee is that it is generally lower in acidity than other types of coffee. This is due to the high altitude and cool temperatures in which it is grown, which slow down the maturation process of the coffee cherry and reduce the acidity of the beans. This makes Altura coffee easier on the stomach for those who are sensitive to acid, and also contributes to its smooth, balanced flavor.

In terms of brewing, Altura coffee is best enjoyed when it is freshly roasted and ground. To get the most out of this type of coffee, it is recommended to use a high-quality coffee grinder and a brewing method that allows for a slow extraction process, such as a French press or a pour-over. By using these techniques, you can extract the full range of flavors and aromas from your Altura coffee beans and enjoy a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

Overall, Altura coffee is a highly prized and sought-after type of coffee bean due to its exceptional flavor profile, high altitude growth, and sustainable cultivation practices. Whether you are a coffee aficionado or simply looking for a delicious and well-rounded cup of coffee, Altura is a great choice that is sure to please the palate.

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