Lulu Stone

Lulu Stone

Lulu Stone is the enterprising and vibrant owner of Flabbergasted Coffee Roasters, a distinguished establishment in the world of specialty coffee. Located in the heart of Melbourne, is a testament to Lulu’s commitment to excellence in coffee roasting and her love for the rich coffee culture.

Educated at the University of Sydney, Lulu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, which has provided her with an in-depth understanding of flavors and food chemistry. This knowledge has been instrumental in her ability to curate and develop unique coffee blends, setting Flabbergasted Coffee apart in the competitive coffee market.

Before her entrepreneurial venture, Lulu gained extensive experience in the coffee industry. She started as a barista, where she developed her skills in coffee preparation and customer service. Her passion and dedication led her to pursue further training in coffee roasting, eventually becoming a certified coffee roaster. This progression in her career reflects her commitment to learning and excellence.

Lulu’s interests are not confined to coffee. She is a gourmet enthusiast with a keen interest in chocolate, wine, and cheese tasting. Her proficiency in these areas has allowed Flabbergasted Coffee Roaster to host unique tasting events, creating a diverse and immersive experience for her customers. Lulu is also an avid mountain biker, finding solace and inspiration in the thrill and challenges of off-road biking. This hobby complements her dynamic lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit.

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