Are Green Coffee Beans Used As A Drink?

Ripe coffee beans are well-known across the world as the number one source of almost everyone’s favorite drink in the morning (or probably during the evening if they want to keep themselves awake). Coffee can only be created through the means of roasting ripened coffee beans, as the flavor of the coffee beans become aromatic and rich if the ripeness of the fruit is achieved. If it’s going to be an un roasted ripe coffee bean, which is popularly known as green coffee bean, you might get a bland coffee that might not even taste like the drink we’re all familiar with.

But still, is green coffee good to be used as a type of drink? In this article, we are going to take a good look on green coffee bean in general. The reason why it’s going to be green coffee bean in general, rather than exploring a certain coffee strain, is because green coffee bean of any kind are just the same, unlike their ripened forms which show the distinctiveness of each coffee bean strain. In this article, you’re also going to learn what’s the taste of green coffee bean once it becomes a drink, as well as its benefits to the body, which has gained popularity these past few years.

The Profile Of The Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean is not actually unripened coffee bean, because we will get nothing out of unripe coffee beans as it’s purely raw and does not contain any kind of benefits. Green coffee is simply unroasted beans, but are still ripe and ready to be roasted if you wanted to. The coffee beans that are turned brown is not actually ripe, but roasted. The raw product of the coffee beans before it got roasted is often green in color, though there are some strains that have a red or yellow color.

The coffee flavor that you can get from the roasted coffee beans will never happen if you turn green coffee beans into a drink. The roasting process is the one responsible for the distinctive flavor that coffee has. Thus, if you drink green coffee that’s turned into a drink, then you will never think that it’s made of the same ingredient used to make coffee once you’re not ware that the drink made is made of green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are known to possess a mild flavor that’s almost bland, but does not possess the aromatic flavor of coffee. The drink extracted out of the green coffee bean will make you think that you’re drinking tea or an herbal drink rather than the usual coffee that we all love. It has this grassy type of flavor, and is a lot more acidic than coffee that has a high acid content. Lastly, the color of the green coffee bean drink is not brown or black, but rather green. It really has the impression of tea in terms of its appearance and when drinking it.

But the good thing about the green coffee bean that roasted coffee beans do not have is the fact that it contains a lot of health benefits. One of the primary use of the green coffee bean is that it’s extracted in order to provide supplements or tea that can help you lose weight. Additionally, the green coffee bean drink and extract are known to be antioxidants, which are responsible for keeping any damaging cells away from the body to keep us healthy in the long run.

The secret why the green coffee beans are extremely healthy is because of two types of acids present when extracting the raw coffee beans: caffeic acid and chlorogenic acids. The chlorogenic acids contain the antioxidants present in the green coffee bean. This type of acid is present in some vegetables and fruits such as blueberries and eggplants. However, the green coffee bean has the highest level of chlorogenic acids among them. On the other hand, caffeic acid is not related to caffeine, and is known to be a product of the chlorogenic acids, which also serve as a strong antioxidant to keep your body healthy.

These acids are not present in roasted coffee beans because the acid levels are greatly reduced to almost zero. Though coffee is considered as a healthy drink that still has antioxidants, but it is rarely being prompted when selling coffee due to the extremely low levels of the two aforementioned acids. Also, green coffee bean is also being used as a means to lose weight because of these acids, which is great for people who are planning to shift to a healthier lifestyle. Couple this with the antioxidants, and for sure you can finally say goodbye to your unhealthy lifestyle for good!

So, there you have it! Green coffee bean is a well-known antioxidant that provides you a great means to make your body healthy and away from sickness. And with the knowledge you got in this article, you now realize that the roasting process is essential to turn your coffee bean into the drink that we’re all familiar with. But if you prefer a more herbal drink for your health regiment, then go with the green coffee bean instead.

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